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Symposium Topics
Heavy Duty Asphalt Pavements and Bridge Deck Pavements


1Pavement material

  • Design and performance of asphalt mixture
  • Test methods and characteristic of mixture
  • Innovations of modified asphalt
  • Recycling
  • Asphalt rubber

2Pavement structure

  • Axle load investigation and axle load spectrum
  • Semi-rigid base pavement structure
  • Flexible pavement
  • Composite pavement
  • Pavement structure design
  • Heavy Industrial Facilities
  • Subgrade structure

3Bridge deck pavement

  • Mechanics analysis
  • Concrete deck pavement
  • Steel deck pavement
  • Waterproof layer and bond layer
  • Construction and Management
  • Maintenance and Preservation

4Construction, maintenance and management

  • Construction technique and equipment
  • Preventive maintenance for heavy traffic roads
  • Policies and measures of overweight control
  • Life cycle assessments
  • Traffic planning of heavy traffic

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